The aims

  • The Vaccinology course, delivered within the framework of the Epidemiology and Public Health (EPI), is dedicated to candidates with a medical or scientific training background who are interested in all aspects of this new discipline.
  • The course aims at providing the attendees with the knowledge required to become future actors of the international vaccine community. In addition, the world-wide network built-up by the participants over the years helps the emergence of regional/international collaborations.

The available training content and learning activities

The course offers an integrated overview of Vaccinology by covering all the key issues of vaccine development from design to delivery to the populations in industrialized and developing countries.

The course encompasses 4 modules:

  • Introduction to Vaccinology, an integrative discipline.
  • Basic principles of preclinical and clinical steps.
  • Vaccines developed against major infectious diseases.
  • Future challenges.