This biobanking course is organized by the Pasteur Institute Bioresources network (PIBnet), the European Virus Archive goes Global consortium (EVAg, H2020 Grant N°653316) and the Health Sciences eTraining Foundation (HSeT).

The purpose

enhance transfer of knowledge on biobanking by providing an online and practical training.
The training will emphasize the terms and conditions to create and coordinate a biobank of pathogen microorganism samples (virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites).
The Pasteur Institute (PI), the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP) and the European Virus Archive goes Global (EVAg) consortium have very large, varied and high-quality biobanks. Based on their past and ongoing experiences acquired during disease surveillance as well as throughout outbreaks and disaster situations, they will promote global information on biobanking management, quality, biosafety or biosecurity.

The aim

develop skills such as

  • To select samples of interest for a collection
  • To implement and apply standardized characterization and storage procedures in accordance
    with internationally recognized quality standard
  • To fulfill regulatory documentations and to follow laws necessary for international exchanges
  • To develop an international community and a network of trained specialists in Biobanking

Course organization

The course is divided into 6 modules:

  • Basics of Biobanking
  • Quality management system
  • Biosafety & biosecurity
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Case studies
  • Technical aspects

Who should apply: Scientits with at least a bachelor
degree and preferentially a master degree.

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