How it works

The eTraining programs developed by the Pasteur Institute and the HSeT Foundation are delivered through websites, used to augment an existing curriculum or to construct new curricula. They can be reviewed by learners in a self-directed way or in combination with traditional face-to-face teaching.

Our educational concept

The Institut Pasteur in collaboration with the HSeT Foundation provides Customized OnLine Training (COLT) training programs tailored to the needs of specific groups of learners as defined by the institutions themselves. COLT integrates novel pedagogical approaches and tools to map student’s individual progress at every step.

What is offered

The Pasteur Institut eTraining website offers portals related to:
-Diarrheal diseases
-Emerging viral diseases

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A workshop on the control and surveillance of rabies will take
place in Casablanca, Morocco from September 18 to 27, 2019.
The objective of this workshop is to provide practical training on
rabies in the North African context for students and professionals
in the public, animal and human health sectors. The course will
emphasize the need for a multidisciplinary approach and
intersectoral cooperation.

This  workshop, organized by the Pasteur Institute of Morocco and
 the Pasteur Institute in Paris, in with the support WHO, OIE, HSeT
the University of Glasgow,  the FAO and GARC, consists of online
preworkshop activities and a two-week face to face workshop.

Institut Pasteur Course Education Center
Institut Pasteur, Paris
February 11 to Match 7, 2019
Armelle Phalipon and Behazine Combadière


The four-week 2019 course offers an integrated overview of vaccinology, by covering all the key
issues of vaccine development from design to delivery to the populations in industrialized
and developing countries.
It aims at providing the attendees with the knowledge required to become future actors of the international vaccine community